We are a value driven organisation, which means that the way we do things is as important as what we achieve.

As an organisation, we will be...


We will ensure we have a system in place to allow students to have their say in every aspect of the Students' Union. We will make sure students' contributions are valued and that the organisation truly is student-led.

'A Global Community'

We will promote and celebrate our cultural diversity, enabling students from all over the world to integrate, socialise and learn from one another.

'Ambitious, Innovative & Creative'

We will continue to be forward thinking and always strive for excellence, whilst adapting to changing student needs.

We will recognise and nurture student innovation and creativity, enabling student ideas to become reality.


We will continue to work collaboratively and build relationships with The University, the local community, other students' unions and external organisations.

'Sustainable, Environmentally & Socially Responsible'

We will maintain our commitment to work on environmental best practice and continue to run the organisation in an ethical and socially responsible manner.

'Diverse & Inclusive'

We will celebrate the diversity of the student body, ensuring all students are treated equally and feel included, valued, safe and supported.

'Fair & Accessible'

We will provide facilities and services that are seen by our students as valuable, relevant, accessible and good value.


Whilst working collaboratively, we will ensure we maintain our independence as it's essential in allowing us to fully represent our students on a local, national and global level.