How Are We Doing?

Our Strategy 2016 is the Sheffield SU's strategic plan to guide us through to 2016. Ensuring we stay relevant to our membership through the changing landscape.

The plan was developed via a large research programme throughout 2012. This research programme enabled the SU to identify its key objectives and goals over four years - 2012 to 2016 - forming the basis of Our Strategy 2016.

Experience from our previous strategic plan has taught us that goals alone are not enough and that these goals and objectives need to be strongly aligned with our values and enabling activity to ensure that a) we have enough resources to deliver them and b) they are carried out in a manner fitting to the culture of the SU.

Every goal, value and enabler was then awarded a staff champion. Their job is to oversee their goal, value or enabler - working with individual departments embedding it in, identifying opportunities that could support it and alerting the SU to any major changes that may effect it.

Each champion has developed a delivery plan and a set of indicators to monitor their goal, value and enabler. These indicators are reported back to the trustee board twice a year enabling the SU to take the right decision on where resource priorities need to lie.

Business Plans

Every department in the SU developed a 4 year strategic business plan to align their department's activity with Our Strategy 2016.

Each plan gives an overview of their direction connected to each goal, value and enabler over the entire four years.

It also includes a yearly focus as well. This is revisited each year as part of the business planning and budget process.

Once the business plans are produced each Strategic Plan Champion will reference them to feed into their action plan.

We want to ensure that our students get the most out of their time at The University of Sheffield.