Achieving our goals and reaching our vision over the next four years will require us to effectively manage our resources. We hope that by including these resources in the strategy and detailing priorities for each over the next 4 years, it will 'enable' us to fulfil our aspirations.

Our key enablers are:

'Building & Facilities'

Our building is fundamental to many of the services we deliver. We will ensure it is a vibrant, stimulating and exciting space, enabling students to develop, get involved and build communities.

We will carefully plan for the future, ensuring students have ownership of any Students' Union spaces and that their needs are always kept at our heart.


Communication is critical to Sheffield Students' Union given our large membership base and many stakeholders.

Therefore we must communicate clearly and consistently; we must also recognise the need to listen: hearing the voices of our members and stakeholders is equally as important as communicating out our own messages.

'Digital / IT Systems'

The use of IT systems and new digital solutions will be crucial in ensuring our strategic goals are delivered in an effective and efficient manner.

Our core membership is digitally literate and we must adopt and embrace new technology to help us reach our aspirations.


We will have a financial strategy that ensures the Students' Union is sustainable into the future and has the flexibility to be innovative and meet our aspirations.

Our financial systems will be effective and efficient and designed to meet the needs of all users.


Our governance structures must support our democratic principles and our processes must be transparent and understandable, allowing our students to genuinely lead the direction of the Students' Union. Furthermore, our governance systems must support the key principles of accountability, fairness and stewardship.


Our staff are key to delivering our strategic goals in line with our values. We will have an environment where all staff can learn, develop their skills and contribute to our vision.

We will ensure staff feel motivated, valued, rewarded and included.

'The University Relationship'

Our relationship with The University is a key partnership, where we play the role of critical friend. We will work collaboratively with The University whilst maintaining our independence in order to best represent our members' interests.

We will have a strong and clear relationship, which enhances the student experience and helps us deliver our goals.